Angela Hathway

Sculptural animal ceramics and illustrations

Driven by a commitment to the welfare of animals from the time she could hold a crayon, Angela expressed her passion by drawing. Her first one-man exhibition at the age of 21 was a sell-out and brought a stream of commissions. However, feeling isolated, she later chose to work at a riding school where she could combine her love of animals with the companionship of like minded people. Art took a back seat until she decided to study for a degree as a mature student.  Angela discovered an aptitude for working in clay in her final year and after graduating in 1990, she was immediately selected as a member of The Makers Guild In Wales, selling at their gallery in Cardiff and abroad. In 1994 the birth of her son resulted in art being relegated to a hobby once more, until a series of circumstances in 2011 made her re-assess her need to express herself through drawing and sculpting.

About the work

 Whilst studying for her degree, Angela discovered a fascination with pure sculpture; work that is produced, not necessarily to represent anything, but to celebrate the energy of a line, the gracefulness of a curve, the beauty of a perfectly formed negative space… All of Angela’s sculptural work isunderpinned by this fascination. She constantly challenges herself to fuse pure form with her intimate knowledge of the animals she loves. Anatomical accuracy never takes precedence as Angela attempts to delight the eye with the dynamic of form and the spirit of the creature, coaxing vibrant life from the cold wet clay.

Angela’s illustrative style of drawing is self taught and has developed to deepen her understanding of the animals she depicts. She works slowly, re-evaluating at every stage in all mediums. Wherever possible, she is “hands on” with the animals.

Contact Angela

Tel: 01239 654964