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Teifi Arts Lampeter Exhibition

Teifi Arts Lampeter Exhibit in Origin Gallery

The Teifi Arts Lampeter group will be joining Origin from June 9th to June 23rd displaying a selection of their works in our upstairs exhibition space. Stop by the shop to see the beautiful selection of work on display.

Kiara Brooks

Inspired by nature, the dance of light and colour, and her grandmother's sketchbooks, Kiara has been painting and drawing her whole life.

Her artistic training began as a young girl in Florence where she studied portraiture and life drawing in the classical Italian studio of Nerina Simi. She also studied fine art at Southampton College of Art. Later she took up Florentine ceramic art, which she studied at the Scuola di Ceramica, Montelupo.

In her travels she also became a painter of horse drawn vehicles and illustrated signs.

“I am inspired by the cultures and languages of many lands and all those who share their light for the benefit of all.”

When not travelling the world Kiara lives in a nature reserve near Lampeter in Wales.

Sheila Evans-Pritchard

‘My work is a combination of reality and imagination and usually involves a lot of colour. The Ceredigion region contains so much variety in terms of scenery that one is spoilt for choice! I like to paint mainly local landscapes and seascapes but I also enjoy painting animals, people and buildings and inspirational landscapes and experiences when I travel abroad.’

Sheila has exhibited her artwork in Lampeter, Aberaeron and Llandysul as well as in Winchester. She has also illustrated a number of children’s books and produced illustrations for arts magazines. She uses a range of different media including, watercolour, ink, gouache, acrylics and tempera.

Ken Guy

Ken has spent most of his working life painting scenery for theatres in London and Wales. 

‘Painting in oils, acrylic and pastels has been a challenge, due to reducing the scale from 30 ft x 60 ft backcloths to typical about A4’.

But it has been a challenge for Ken that has shown a new and distinctive talent.

Having now retired, he is still looking for interesting things to draw and paint. That has included working in Longwood and finding inspiration from both the environment of Lampeter and events happing in the world.  

Ken has used the sgraffito technique on gesso to layer the images of Lampeter. He was inspired by the work of John Piper.

Cam North

 Cam is based in Wales. She has developed as an artist and works mostly in landscape, still life, floral and wildlife paintings using acrylic, oil and watercolour.  Her subject matter is Wales particularly her home county of Ceredigion. She studied art and got an honours degree in General Art, Foothill College, California.  Born in Norfolk, and raised in Kenya 1964 Cam has a vast spectrum of ideas coming to the surface which one day will be put into a painting. Cam also works with clay and has made a series of African beer pots which is also something she wants to develop more.  

"I am exploring the relationship of emotional and realistic impressions of real life images.  Often my paintings are developed over time to find the right balance of what I want to create."

Blue Powell

Whether painting or sculpting, I seek to communicate in figurative form expressions of animal intent and also pauses where it is absent. I play with glasses on or glasses off , enjoying form, movement, colour and the absence of linear time. 

I have learned from well known potters, painters and sculpture and also been inspired by my father’s artist commune in the sand hills of Victor Harbour, Australia.

All TAL group artists are pleased to accept commissions, contact details:

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