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A Life More Abstract

Join artists Lynsey James, Anthea Miller and Jo Taylor in our upstairs gallery as they present a collection of work exploring the themes of a life more abstract.

lynsey james

The barrenness of rock, fragility of soft earth and fluidity of sea are illustrated in abstract form using various media including paint, ink and mineral pigments creating layered, gestural representations of a sensual response to shape, texture, colour, sound and smell

anthea miller

Disregarded landscapes, the hinterlands and edgeways that we walk past everyday but go unnoticed and ignored. An organic and multi- layered interpretation of the land that surrounds us routed in keen observation and a strong sense of narrative

jo taylor

The first of the two series done in watercolour focuses on nature and an emotional response to colour. The second series, explores the texture and contours of the land that surrounds us and the contrast between soft and hard lines, strong and muted colours.