Kathleen Lloyd

My inspiration to create Textile Art comes from a love of travel where I explored the traditions of cultures that celebrate their textile heritage and history.

During my recent degree in Carmarthen College of Art I discovered I had a fascination for Natural Dyeing. This was further explored when I travelled to communities that have remained connected to their traditions in both fibre and dye. 

When I settled in Carmarthenshire a year ago I discovered the local hedgerows and woodlands held everything I needed to create the Alchemy magic of Eco Dyeing. I further developed my own style of bundle steaming, in which the flowers and leaves are fixed with copper and iron to create beautiful prints. Prints are then stitched into unless the work is made of delicate silk.

Every piece of Art is unique and all the natural wood frames are handmade.

I am happy to arrange talks and workshops on the Eco Dye process. Workshops do need to be over two days and limited to a number of 6 per group to ensure the full process is covered.

Contact Kathleen

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kathleen-Lloyd-Textile-Artist

Instagram: @llydkat56