Meet our Makers

As a co-operative of makers, artists, photographers and crafters, we delight in sharing our member's talents and discovering all they have to offer. All our members are based in west Wales and often draw their inspiration directly from the surrounding landscape and history. Enjoy exploring the makers we have to offer!


Our talented group of ceramic artists are all from the local area and produce a wide range of high quality and unique ceramics.


Our Jewellers work in a wide range of materials and an assortment of techniques to make truly unique and compelling pieces.


Inspired our small yet stunning collection of sculptural artworks.

Other Media

Our other Makers may not fit into any particular category but their work is still truly unique and a delight to explore.

Fine art

On our walls you will find a broad selection of fine artists from watercolour artists, oil painters, to mixed media,  creating a wide range of subject matter.


Discover our talented blacksmiths, creating both traditional and contemporary ironworks using age-old techniques.


Our textile artists offer a diverse range of creations in bright colours and intricate patterns all painstakingly crafted by hand.


A unique craft, our glass workers bring their beautiful work to our gallery in colourful beads and landscape inspired curving sheets of glass.


Our selection of photographers capture stunning shots of the local landscape and areas of interest in a wide range of formats, colours and magnificent compositions.


Our talented Woodworkers use a variety of locally sourced woods to create truly unique pieces from tiny keychain holders to beautifully turned wooden bowls.

Are you an artist, maker or crafter? Would you like to join our friendly group-run co-operative? Then head on over here to find out more about joining our group!