We have a wonderful selection of locally sourced wood pieces made by our talented wood crafters. Read on below to learn more about their craft.


Robert Hopkins

Robert has worked as a cabinetmaker and furniture restorer in and around Llandeilo for 28 years; in that time he qualified as a wood machinist, and is a keen woodturner and carver. He welcomes commission work.

Roni Roberts

My work aims to be a celebration of local Welsh wood. My love for wood combines with my love for my homeland. I work with both green and seasoned wood and try to allow the wood to have the last say in what is being created.

Nikki Wyldwood

Nikki Wyldwood is a local sculptor and painter who lives and works in rural Carmarthenshire. Her love of all aspects of the natural world led her to spend many years travelling around the British Isles with a horsedrawn wagon and inspired her to recreate the images she perceived in wood sculptures and paintings so that others could share her passion.