Roni Roberts

Artistic Woodcraft

My work aims to be a celebration of local Welsh wood. My love for wood combines with my love for my homeland. I work with both green and seasoned wood and try to allow the wood to have the last say in what is being created. The craft of turning on a lathe, mainly bowls, is the mainstay of my work as the simple form show the wood to great advantage.

I wrote of my pleasure at being part of Origin here.

It’s like the ultimate tribute to a tree that, though its growing life has ended, its beauty and usefulness can continue.

Y nod yw darganfod yr harddwch naturiol sydd yn y pren yn barod.
— Roni

Contact Roni

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries as I steward in the shop every few weeks so can always bring different work or a commission in.

Tel: 01239 811267