Patricia McParlin

Copper Smith and Artist

This fine art jewellery is made by the artist Patricia McParlin

She sees these pieces as being part of the same process as painting in the visual selection of colour, form, texture and composition within a given space. As with painting she is very concerned to work with what is integral to the materials, responding to their unique properties within the making process. Each piece is individually conceived and hand made using copper recycled from discarded water tanks, piping and electrical wiring. The pieces are inspired by nature in general, but particularly the gaunt and graceful shapes of the gorse and other native plants in the hedgerows and coastlines of West Wales. 

She also is drawn to the forms and spirit of birch trees: the pieces are often pierced and etched in response to the marks found on their trunks. The Celtic tradition is also a strong influence, in the use of Welsh slate and in the spiralling and twisting forms in the work.