Inspired by - Chloe Rodenhurst

Local school collaborates with Chloe Rodenhurst to create whimsical and colourful art projects

During a visit to Origin, Gemma Keane, Team Leader of Art & Design at Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwn school, bought some of Chloe Rodenhurst’s quirky and colourful cards of beautiful Welsh scenes for a school art project.

The idea was to show the Year 7 pupils the work of local Welsh artists. This was first done in the winter of 2018 and the pupils painted their versions of Chloe’s work. Their paintings and drawings were wonderfully colourful and patterned just like Chloe’s:

This years’ winter project Gemma’s pupils have painted their own versions of where they live in the style of Chloe’s work. Their paintings are gloriously colourful and full of intricate details just like the work of the artist who inspired their style.

It is a real privilege to be the inspiration behind these amazing paintings. It’s great to see that these 11 and 12 year olds have gone out and looked at where they live in a different way, highlighting what they love about the buildings, trees, flowers and local wildlife.
— Chloe Rodenhurst

We’re sure that you will agree that there are some fantastic budding artists in this Year 7 class!

Well done to the pupils and to the school for encouraging children to be creative and imaginative not only in the way that they look at their local environment but allowing them to have fun with paint.