Meet Artist - Anita Woods

In our ongoing Meet the Maker series we get to know artist Anita Woods and learn what inspires her illustrative creations.

How did you first get into art?

It’s something I’ve always done. From being a very small child I drew and painted. My first school report said that that was all that I was interested in (not something that pleased my teacher!)

What inspires your work?

Light, a back lit subject. Winter sun. Any animal or bird, capturing the moment of stillness or movement.



What do you like most about the medium you create in?

I now work mainly in mixed media and have the freedom to use whatever I need to create the effect that I want. I use a lot of metallic effects in my background which enhances the velvetness of the matt fur or feather.



Have you got a favourite piece you have created, if so why?

I’m usually in love with the current piece. Once they are made my part in the process is over and it’s on with the next.

Are there new genre’s / mediums / techniques you would like to explore that you’re looking to getting into?

I’ve currently been experimenting with printmaking. I would like to do more and look at ways to encorporate this into my work.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to getting into this medium?

I have found a great way to expand your practice is to talk to other artists and to look at each other’s work. I think we all inspire each other.



What does the future hold for your craft? Any new ventures you’re looking towards?

I’m quite excited about an exhibition I have next year. It will be a totally new body of work in a different style. Its on at Oriel y Parc, St Davids for the month of April 2018. I love the area, I spend a lot of time there, and find the landscape very inspiring.

How can people keep up to date with what you are creating?

I post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and on my website